At Mnarani Beach Cottages, we believe thatemployee_of_the_month outstanding customer service and the friendly atmosphere that our hotel is known for is only possible if our team is happy with what they are doing. The whole experience of your stay at our place is the joint effort of our dedicated staff, and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of the healthy family-like team spirit that you will notice while staying at Mnarani Beach Cottages. Over 60% of our staff is from Nungwi village itself, others come from different parts of the island or from the mainland of Tanzania. All employees are given full training and are encouraged to take part in management decision-making on many levels. Our team currently consists of 60 dedicated individuals. team The hotel is owned by Nassor El Mahruki. Originally from the sister Island of Pemba, he has lived in Zanzibar all his life. If you would like to know anything about this beautiful island, its traditions and cultural heritage, he is happy to tell you about it. After studying business for two years in the UK, Nassor travelled the world in order to discover what international guests expect and need. He opened the hotel in 1995. nassor_ali1 Nassor is very active within the Zanzibar tourism sector. As a board member of the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors, he has been instrumental in representing the North of the island and developing the tourism industry in a sustainable manner. The local community is very important to him. He supports the development of educational facilities for local children and is actively involved in environmental initiatives such as waste management and conservation. Nassor and the whole Mnarani team are looking forward to your visit and trust that you will be coming back to see us many times in the future.